January 1816

January 31 1816: Schubert’s Birthday

On January 31 1816, Beethoven is forty-five, Rossini is twenty-three, Verdi and Wagner are both two year old babies, and Franz Schubert, an accomplished student of Antonio Salieri, celebrates his nineteenth birthday.

January 26 1816: A Second Thyrza

On January 26 1816, Miss Selina Doyle writes to her friend Lady Byron. Miss Doyle appears to refer to a Thyrza, as a previous love of Byron, who he idolized. Byron had “occasionally spoken of Thyrza to Lady Byron, at Seaham and afterwards … Continue reading

January 25 1816: Priorities

On January 25 1816, a day after the birth of his son William, Percy Shelley writes to the child’s grandfather, William Godwin. Most of the letter is filled with various financial plans. The news about the birth of William comes … Continue reading

January 22 1816: A Very Unhappy Birthday

January 20 1816: Blue Devils

On January 20 1816, Lady Byron writes to Augusta Leigh, from Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire. She adds a touching postscript about nursing Ada: “I have been with my Augusta, and whilst I was nursing her, happened to sigh, whereupon she looked up … Continue reading

January 18 1816: Day of Thanksgiving

January 17 1816: Byron Drunk, Again!

January 16 1816: Dearest Duck

January 15 1816: Lady Byron Departs

January 13 1816: Towering Rage


January 11 1816: Alexander Hamilton’s Birthday (if he had lived)

On January 11 1816, Alexander Hamilton, born on January 11 1755 (possibly 57), would have been sixty-one (or fifty-nine) had Aaron Burr been killed.

January 10 1816: Bonaparte’s Carriage

January 9 1816: Jefferson’s Bible

January 8 1816: A Fallen Angel

January 7 1816: Shelley’s Finances

January 6 1816: Disposed To Leave

On January 6 1816, Lord Byron, now desperate to escape his marriage, writes to Annabella suggesting, asking, almost demanding that she leave London. Byron cannot be explicit but for him the marriage is over. Annabella is shocked. She is convinced … Continue reading

January 2 1816: A New Byron Poem