January 6 1816: Disposed To Leave


On January 6 1816, Lord Byron, now desperate to escape his marriage, writes to Annabella suggesting, asking, almost demanding that she leave London. Byron cannot be explicit but for him the marriage is over. Annabella is shocked. She is convinced that Byron is not well, possibly mad. Byron writes:

When you are disposed to leave London it would be convenient that a day should be fixed, & (if possible) not a very remote one for that purpose. Of my opinion upon that subject you are sufficiently in possession; & of the circumstances which have led to it, as also to my plans―or rather intentions, for the future. When in the country I will write to you more fully. As Lady Noel has asked you to Kirkby, there you can be for the present―unless you prefer Seaham.

As the dismissal of the present establishment is of importance to me, the sooner you can fix on the day the better; though of course your convenience & inclination shall be first consulted.

The child will of course accompany you. There is a more easy and safer carriage than the chariot (unless you prefer it) which I mentioned before. On that you can do as you please.

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