January 3 1816: Concerns About Byron


On January 3 1816, Lord Byron’s half sister  Augusta Leigh writes to John Cam Hobhouse. She is worried about Byron’s marriage. In fact, Byron is acting horribly and is almost unhinged with rage.

DEAR MR. HOBHOUSE, I am so afraid of having given you a wrong impression of the person whom you thought had informed Mr. M.237 of your letter. I really think my information might only relate to the late publication and nothing further of its contents might be known to Mr. M. I always feel as if I had so much to say to you on the subject of our mutual interest that I have forgotten half when you are gone. Do not forsake your most unfortunate friend—if you do, he is lost—he has so few sincere friends and well judging ones. I can never express what I feel about him, but believe me, I am grateful from my heart for your friendship and friendly forbearance towards his infirmities, of whatever kind they may be. His mind makes him the most unhappy of human beings. Let us hope it may not always be so. God bless you. I thank you for all your kindness and beg to believe me, Yours very truly, A. L. ST. J. P., January 3, 1816.

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