January 13 1816: Towering Rage


George Byron had moved out shortly after the birth, but on January 13 [1816] he called at Piccadilly Terrace to see the baby. While Annabella and Augusta received the visitor in the drawing room, Byron entered in a state of towering rage. He left moments later, holding a terrified Annabella in his grip. Augusta recalled, “The expression of his countenance was so shocking when he took her from the room where we were that George and I were in terror till he returned and stood listening in expectation that something dreadful was about to take place.” That it did not was due only to Annabella’s managing to flee upstairs to her quarters. Until then, she said, “I never apprehended immediate danger to my life.” It was the decisive encounter.

— Byron: Child of Passion, Fool of Fame by Benita Eisler


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