July 29 1816: Damn Caro!

On July 29, 1816, Lord Byron wrties to Samuel Rogers, from Diodati.

Dear Rogers – Do you recollect a book? Mathison’s letters – which you lent me – which I have still – & yet hope to return to your library? – well – I have encountered at Copet and elsewhere Gray’s Correspondent (in its’ Appendix) that same Bonstetten – (to whom I lent ye . translation of his Correspondent’s epistles for a few days) – but all he could remember of Gray amounts to little – except that he was the most “melancholy and gentlemanlike” of all possible poets. – Bonstetten himself is a fine & very lively old man – and much esteemed by his Com= 1:2 =patriots – he is {also} a litterateur of good repute – and all his friends have a mania of addressing to him volumes of letters – Mathison – Muller the historian &c . &c . He is a good deal at Copet – where I have met him a few times. – All there are well – except Rocca – who I am sorry to say – looks in a very bad state of health the Duchess seems grown taller – but – as yet – no rounder since her marriage – Schlegel is in high force – and Madame as brilliant as ever. – – – – –

I came here by the Netherlands – and the Rhine Route – & Basle – Berne – Morat – & Lausanne – I have circumnavigated the lake – and shall  go to Chamouni – {with} the first fair weather – but really we have had lately such stupid mists – fogs – rains – and perpetual density – that one would think Castlereagh {had the} foreign affairs of the kingdom of Heaven also – upon his hands. – – – – I need say nothing to you of these parts – you having traversed them already – – I do not think of Italy before September. – – – – –

– – I have read “Glenarvon”

“From furious Sappho scarce a milder fate “

—— by her love – or libelled by her hate.”

& have also seen Ben. Constant’s Adolphe – and his preface denying the real people – it is a work which leaves an unpleasant impression – but very consistent with the 1:4 consequences of not being in love – which is perhaps as disagreeable as any thing – except being so – I doubt however whether all such “liens” (as he calls them) terminate so wretchedly as his hero & heroine’s. – – – There is a third Canto (a longer than either of the {former}) of Chde. Hard . finished – and some smaller things – among them a story on the “Chateau de . Chillon” – I only wait a good opportunity to transmit them to the Grand Murray – who – I hope – flourishes. – Where is Moore? – why an’t he out? – my love to him – and my perfect consideration & remembrances to all – particularly to Lord & Lady Holland – & to your Duchess of Somerst . ever yrs. very truly BN P.S

I send you a fac simile – a. note of Bonstetten’s thinking you might like to see the hand of Gray’s {Correspondent}.

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