July 22 1816: Lord Byron on Glenarvon

“Of Glenarvon – Madame de Stael told me (ten days ago at Copét) marvellous & grievous things – but I have seen nothing of it but the Motto – which promises amiably “For us & for our tragedy” – if such be the posy what should the ring be? “a name to all succeeding &c .”6 – the generous moment selected for the publication is probably its kindest accompaniment – and truth to say – the time was well chosen – I have not even a guess at the contents – except for the very vague accounts 1:4 I have heard – {and} I know but one thing which a woman can say to the purpose on such occasions – and that she might as well {for her own sake} keep to herself – which by the way they very rarely can – that old reproach against their admirers of “kiss and tell” bad as it is – is surely somewhat less than —— and publish. –”

— Lord Byron writes to John Murray, July 22 1816.

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