July 9 1816: Fifth Day on the Raft


The day at length rose on us for the fifth time. We were now only thirty left; we had lost four or five of our faithful sailors; those who survived were in the most deplorable state; the sea-water had almost entirely excoriated our lower extremities; we were covered with contusions or wounds, which, irritated by the salt-water, made us utter every moment piercing cries; so that there were not above twenty of us who were able to stand upright or walk. Almost our whole stock was exhausted; we had no more wine than was sufficient for four days, and we had not above a dozen fish left. In four days, said we, we shall be in want of every thing, and death will be unavoidable.

—  Corréard, Alexander and J. B. Henry Savigny. Narrative of a Voyage to Senegal in 1816. London: Dawsons, 1968.

(image above is from here.)

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