June 2 1816: A White Light Mist

June 2. — Breakfasted with Shelley. Read Tasso  with Mrs. Shelley. Took child  [William Shelley] for vaccination.

Found gates shut because of church-service. Went in search of Rossi. Saw a village where lads and lasses, soubrettes and soldiers, were dancing, to a tabor and drum, waltzes, cotillons, etc. Dr. R[ossi] not at home.

Dined with S[helley] ; went to the lake with them and L[ord] B[yron]. Saw their house ; fine. Coming back, the sunset, the mountains on one side, a dark mass of outline on the other, trees, houses hardly visible, just distinguishable ; a white light mist, resting on the hills around, formed the blue into a circular dome bespangled with stars only and lighted by the moon which gilt the lake. The dome of heaven seemed oval. At 10 landed and drank tea. Madness, Grattan, Curran, etc., subjects.

— John Polidori writes for June 2 1816.

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