May 26 1816: Writing From Switzerland

On May 26 1816, Lord Byron writes to John Cam Hobhouse, from Secheron.

– My dear Hobhouse / No letter from you – is this miscarriage by the way? – or are you coming? – Never mind which – as there is no remedy – but I shall wait here till I hear from you: – All the other epistles I expected have arrived. – – There is an epistle from Hoares who tell me they have given in an account to you of my {banking} concerns: – I hope you saw or will see (as I believe I {locked up} my draft book in my desk & you cannot get to it) the drafts at Hoares – which I drew immediately previous to my departure – as the holders might possibly take advantage of my absence to alter or play tricks with them – {they} being Servants or tradesmen – & not much used to resist temptation – I put this as a 1:2 possibility – which it is best to ascertain and avoid – & you & I know of human nature & so forth – not to trust to anything but one’s optics & these only in very clear weather. – – – Hoares will shew you them – as they always keep them in case of accidents – & it would be a satisfaction to me to know you have looked over them – as I could not do so myself – – Perhaps you have written to me by way of France – & there letters are rather more carefully investigated than delivered. – – –

I wrote to you three times from Flanders – & once from Bonn – and once from Carlsruhe – the Rhine {from Bonn to Mayence} is the perfection of mixed Beauty; – from Basle to Geneva we were five days – arriving here last night – Nothing has disappointed me on my way or out of it – except not hearing from you – but I trust to see you 1:3 & the “forefender”33 Scrope according to compact – and do not like to begin my Alpine scrambles without you. – – We went over the site of Aventicum – where there is some beautiful Mosaic of some extent & preservation – a few inscriptions – a column or two down – several scattered {shafts –} & one solitary pillar in the midst of a field – the last of it’s family – besides extensive traces of wall & amphitheatre. – From Morat34 I brought away the leg and wing of a Burgundian: – the descendants of the vanquished – when {last} here in the service of France buried or carried away the greater part of the heap – except what the Swiss had made into knife=handles – but there are still a few left – and with some of these relics I made free though for a less sordid purpose. – – – I do not like boring you with descriptions of 1:4 what I hope you will see – and shall only say that all my expectations have been gratified – & there are things – not inferior to what we have seen elsewhere – & one or two superior – – such as Mont Blanc – & the Rhine. . – – – Polidori has been ill – but is much better – a little experience will make him a very good traveller – if his health can stand it. – In the hope of seeing you soon – I shall scribble no further – I believe the best way is to write frequently & briefly – both on account of weight – & the chance of letters reaching their destination – you must excuse repetitions (as uncertainty induces them) and amongst others the repetition of my being very much & ever yrs .


P.S – Remembrances to all – particularly to Kinnd – Hunt – & Davies. –


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