April 27 1816: Don’t Forget The Cundums!


On April 27, 1816, Lord Byron writes to John Cam Hobhouse, from Ostend. prior to leaving for Ghent. He wants Hobhouse to send him some condoms.

My dear Hobhouse – We got in last night very well – though it blew freshly & contrary all the way – but we tacked & tided in about midnight. – All are – and every thing is – landed – & tonight we design for Ghent. – As a veteran I stomached the sea pretty well – till a damned “Merchant of Bruges” capsized his breakfast close by me – & made me sick by contagion: – but I soon got well – & we were landed at least ten hours sooner than expected – and our Inn (the “Cure imperial” as Fletcher calls it –) furnished us with beds & a “flaggon of Rhenish” – which – by the blessing of Scrope’s absence – the only blessing his absence could confer – was not indulged in to the extent of the “light wine” of our parting potations. – –

Don’t forget the Cundums – and will you tell Manton that he has put a very bad brush into the pistol case – & to send me two good new ones by your servant (when you come) for cleaning the locks of my pistols. – –

You are in town by this time – having dined at Canterbury or Sittingbourne – pitying us “poor mariners that sail upon the seas” – we are in the agonies of furnishing Berger with stivalli to march en Courier before us – & the last I saw of Fletcher was with two eggs in his mouth. – –

The sick Dutchman set off per packet for Bruges this morning: – – the custom house was very polite – and all things very fair – I don’t know why you vituperated Ostend: – it seems a very tolerable town – better than Dover – better than the Spanish & Portuguese ordinary towns – or any of our Oriental – at least in the Caravansera department. – I shall lay to for you at Geneva – – you have perhaps examined my late Piccadilly premises – and I hope recovered your personals. – –

My best luck – or rather his own – to Scrope – all remembrances to Kinnaird & the rest of “us youth”and ever y rs. most truly Byron

P.S. – If you hear anything of my little daughter tell it me – good I hope. – As to the rest – as the Irishman said in the Dublin Theatre when Wellesley Pole was there – – “Here’s three times three for Lord Wellington and Silence for the rest of the family.” – Tell Scrope that Mr . Levi did us about the Ducats – by ninepence each – I will {thrash} him as I come back. – Mind you write – & fix a time for coming – or’Sdeath and Pin money! – I shall be very indignant. –

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