April 23 1816: Byron Leaves London


On April 23 1816. Lord Byron leaves London minutes ahead of the bailiffs who arrive at his apartments to seize his property. He rides in a new black Napoleonic carriage, built for him at a cost of £500, and modeled on the one that was abandoned by Napoleon at Waterloo.

“Up at six. Breakfasted – but not off until halfpast nine – Polidori and I were in Scrope Davies’ chaise, Byron & S.B.D. in Byron’s new Napoleonic carriage, built by Baxter for £500. There was a crowd about the door. When we got some way, I looked back, and, not seeing Byron’s carriage, conjured up all sorts of accidents in my fancy – at last, however, it came along, with Fletcher and Bob Rushton. We took cold meat at Sittingbourne – arrived at Dover by half-past eight. Dined at Ship343 and took “light French wines”.

— John Cam Hobhouse writes in his diary for April  23 1816.

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