April 9 1816: A Scene


Tuesday April 9th 1816:279 Dined today at the Clarendon with S.B.Davies, who gave a dinner to Burdett, Douglas Kinnaird, Byron, and myself. At twelve o’clock I went to the Duchess of Somerset’s. There I found great enquiries for Fare Thee Well and A Sketch From Private Life, to Lady Byron, and Mrs Clermont.281 which Byron has printed in sheets, unadvisedly I think. I promised to send a copy to the Duchess and to Lord Lansdowne. The Farewell is beautiful, and the Sketch Gifford and Hookham Frere say is Caravaggio outdone. Hookham Frere desired Murray to tell Byron he was a fine fellow, but would not do for this market. I returned to the Clarendon with Lord Kinnaird, and found the party still at it – boiled bones, punch, and a fracas succeeded, which I will not set down. We sat up till six in the morning, and had a scene between Byron and myself at home. Poor fellow, he came into my room next morning to ask how I was – he was very sorry, and so was I but our regrets originated from different causes.

—  John Cam Hobhouse writes in his diary, April 9 1816

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