March 22 1816: Earthquake and Plans!


On March 23, 1816, Lord Byron writes to Lady Holland, from 13 Piccadilly Terrace London.

Dear Lady Holland / I am truly obliged by the kindness of your trouble in sending me the letters. – Any others from you or Lord Holland will be no less welcome. – It is my intention to proceed by way of Geneva – but to make no great delay in Switzerland – as my wish is to get to Rome & see as much of the {the rest of } Italy as I can. – Paris I should be sorry to see now. – – –

I am merely waiting to complete a few previous arrangements – & have the hope of leaving England early in April – at any rate in the second week of that month. – – – – – – –

In the late little earthquake of the midland counties – I hear – that Newstead has had a shake rather formidable to a building of such decrepitude: – So that my “house is dividing against itself” not only according to the figure in the New Testament but in reality. – – –

It is not my plan to be very long abroad – but my stay {may} depend on circumstances which I can neither foresee nor controul – & it does not much matter. –

In all times & places I shall preserve the recollection of your kindness & that of your Lord. – ever yr . very truly & obliged Byron To The Lady Holland &c . &c . &c .

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