March 19 1816: Abigail Recovers


“I received this morning your Note of Sunday and Monday, and am the better for hearing that your Family are Some of them so; I hope Mrs Baileys emetic will not prove so trying to her, as mine was to me. tho only Simple Indian Root, I have Scarcely recovered the Strength I lost. the very cold night of Sunday and yesterday tried my weak frame, and Shut up my pores so that yesterday I was very miserable. but to day more lively, and free from head ache—

as to shopping for me, I pray you to give yourself no trouble about it. the articles I want may be as well purchased at any other Shop as Dows. [Vinton & Case] is a very good shop—when you do go abroad I want a peice of yd wide India cotton to make kitchin table cloths—we have Snow in abundance Six weeks Sleding in March, as they used to say.—

the Story of the Rescana I read in two papers—that She had been in the late gale, and it was not known where she was, as she had not since been heard of.”

—  Abigail Smith Adams writes to Harriet Welsh, on March 19 1816.

The image above is from David Thompson.

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