March 16 1816: Lady Byron Agrees to Arbitration


On March 16 1816, Lady Byron writes to John Cam Hobhouse, from Mivart’s Hotel, London,

DEAR SIR, I had the pleasure of receiving your letter late last night, and take the earliest opportunity of replying to its contents. I consent to the proposition which Lord Byron authorises you to state, and I have no objection to the reference being made either to the Solicitor-General, Sir Arthur Pigott, or Mr. Shadwell. The selection of the individual is left to the option of Lord Byron and his friends. I consider that it will be necessary, in order to prevent all further misunderstanding, that the terms of the reference should be fixed previously, and I therefore propose that you should meet Colonel Doyle and make the preliminary arrangements before the referee is applied to. I should be obliged to you to inform me of the earliest time when you can meet Colonel Doyle, if you agree to that measure. I remain, dear Sir, Your obedient servant A.I. BYRON.

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