March 13 1816: Mrs. Leigh in Distress


“Called on Mrs Leigh at twelve – found her in tears and in great distress indeed. She thinks she ought, in duty to her husband and children, to leave Byron’s house, she having stayed long enough to give the lie to all rumours respecting herself, which Colonel Leigh has most handsomely discredited in every way.200 I promised to hint this to Byron – advised Mrs Leigh to ask for an interview with Lady Byron. Call on Byron afterwards, and find that Lady Byron has declined “seeing Mrs Leigh – for fear of being obliged to own everything she says to Lushington”! Byron seems determined for a court in what he says, but wavering in his mind – he owns himself to have been deranged soon after marriage – but whether this is an excuse or not for what is to come out is doubtful. Dine with S.B.D. at Major Aubrey’s party of Indians,201 and a chattering Whig, one Bonham – stupid day – they all went off to Macca.

—  John Cam Hobhouse writes in his diary, March 13 1816.

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