March 3 1816: My Dear Lord—I Answer No


On March 3, 1816, Lord Holland delivers to Lord Byron a proposal for Lady Byron’s support whereby she would get  £500 yearly and half of the Noel family’s reversion. Byron says no. 

My dear Lord—I answer No. At the same time you may assure Dr. L[ushington] from me—that I am far from imputing any undue motive to him—& that his explanation of the delay is satisfactory.—With regard to “amicable arrangement” I am open to the most amicable of arrangements—I am willing & desirous to become reconciled to Lady B[yron] & her friends—ready to make any advance or even sacrifice for that purpose—to dismiss all & any irritation from my mind which may have arisen on this subject—to be forgiven where I may have offended—& in some points—it may be—to forgive.—But I will sign no separations.——And now—my dear Lord—I must beg you even more to excuse whatever trouble this business may have occasioned to you—& am ever yrs. most truly BYRON


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