December 31 1815: Year Dismissed


“I spent this morning at my chambers, but Thomas breakfasted with me, and Habakkuk came afterwards.

At half past five I went with the Amyots to Mr. Hallet’s, and dined there. It was a family party, and the evening passed away comfortably. I was in good spirits, and the rest of the party agreeable. The year was dismissed not festively but cheerfully.

It has been, like most of the years of my life, a year of uninterrupted health and prosperity. Besides, it is a year in which I have been so successful in my profession, that I have a prospect of affluence if the success continues, which I dare not expect, and about which 1 am far less anxious than I used to be. I do not now fear poverty. I am not, nor ever was, desirous of riches, but my wants do not, perhaps, increase in proportion to my means. My brother Thomas makes it a reproach to me that I do not indulge myself more. This I do not think a duty, and shall probably not make a practice. I hope I shall not contract habits of parsimony.”

— Henry Crabb Robinson writes in his journal for December 31 1815.

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