November 24 1815: Explosive Explosion


On November 24, 1815, John Murray writes to John Cam Hobhouse, about Hobhouse’s  Letters from France. Murray is afraid that Hobhouse’s pro-Napoleon views will rebound to his harm.

Dear Sir In a note from the printer,209 which came parallel with yours – he thus expresses himself – “With respect to the Letters from France, the proofs are so cut up (for proofs pray God we may read Book hereafter) that they require to be re-set – and even the Second Revises are nearly as bad – we will proceed as fast as the Author will permit us” – now this is a breach of compact – implies at least – & my whip & spur can be of no use if you keep my Charger fast by the Leg – but loosen us & you shall be carried up the hills of Tory gore in the first week of December –


He will really get on as fast as possible but you will make allowances for the retardation of emendation. By the bye I will only be your temporary agent in this matter, and take care of this Barrel of Grape & Barr Shot until it is ready to be fired at the Enemy, but hang me if I will be even near it when it goes off – it is a pity it had not been published on the 5th of this month210 when its operation would have been not only seasonable but timely but now sauve qui peut – aware of the danger I shall save myself for another day. Do me the favor however to rely upon this, that I am making every exertion to get it out, fully aware that the work ought not to be delayed an instant, & the printer – who has great means of exertion – will positively do all in his power – you can send him the rest or a portion of the remainder of the Mss as soon as it can be spared. I remain Dear Sir your faithful Servant John Murray

The photos above and those on  @1815now twitter account are by Olivier Papegnies.

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