November 11 1815: Don’t Marry

Saturday November 11th 1815: Called on Murray, who although he had declined before, now agreed upon taking my letters. I kept bothering with him a long time and was too familiar with this too familiar puppy, from whom I foresee mischief. He told me Mackintosh asked him to take Miss Williams as a charity – the devil take both, say I again – she has ruined my book, having taken off the edge of the public’s appetite.

Called on Kinnaird, a good fellow, but muddy – hear Drury Lane is doing very well, but that he and Byron tussle abominably – saw him and her Ladyship – he is unaltered in any respect, dear creature, but owns that marriage makes him selfish – “I have not written to you, you see.” – I forgave him – he does not dine with his wife. “Well,” he says – “don’t marry”

– but I am determined to look out in the mercenary way – for I must do something. I rode down to Whitton and dined as usual – I cannot trust myself to tell what I have been plotting lately.

We have heard from Henry – poor fellow, he tells me confidentially that he never enjoys any health – he is doting fond of his wife, who seems a good creature.

—  John Cam Hobhouse writes in his diary for November 11 1815.


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