November 7 1815: John Quincy Explains Europe

…. The political atmosphere both in Europe and America for the first time within my remembrance presents the aspect of an almost total calm—France the cause on the occasion of all the great turmoils of the last five and twenty years is bound and pinioned while the allied Kings in combination with their instruments the Bourbons are carefully drawing out her nails and extracting her teeth to take from her all the means <, Start deletion,for, of doing future mischief. with all her Fortresses surrendered to [. . .] enemies with a hundred and fifty thousand of them fastened upon her for five years and with the Bourbons and Legitimacy nailed and clinched upon her in perpetuity his fate appears to be fixed past redemption. yet the Bourbons cannot sit easy in their places without resorting to the same measures which immortalized their predecessor Robespierre. while with one hand they are covering France with Bastiles with the other they are annihilating every vestige of the freedom of the Press and as if the violence of Political passions were not sufficiently furious to glut their revenge they have called up the more direful spirit of religious discord to satiate their insatiable rancour …

— John Quincy Adams writes to his mother, Abigail Smith Adams, on November 7 1815.

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