September 17 1815: Accursed Letterophobia

On 17 September, 1815, urged on by a frantic Morgan, he wrote directly to John Gutch about the cause of the slipped deadline [for completing his Biographia Literaria]. He apologized for his “accursed Letterophobia”, and admitted he had been “constantly deluding” himself since August about being nearly finished with the book. “This has now become not only a sizeable Proportion of the whole, not only the most interesting portion to a certain class, but with the exception of four or five Pages of which due warning is given, the most entertaining to the general Reader, from the variety both of information and of personal Anecdotes.” He now thought the Biographia would prove more important than his collected poems, and was the “Pioneer to the great Work on the Logos, Divine and Human, on which I have set my Heart…”

Coleridge: Darker Reflections by Richard Holmes.

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