September 1 1815: Darling Duck at Goose’s

On September 1 1815, Lord Byron has arrived at his sister’s home at Six Mile Bottom, and writes to Lady Byron. He refers to his sister by her nickname of Goose.

Sept. 1st. 1815
Dearest Pip — I am very glad that Sir James has at last found his way back—he may now transfer his attention from his son’s leg to your Mother’s leg-acy—which seemed in some peril of amputation also in his absence.—Goose left a mousetrap in the apartment allotted to me the consequence of which is that from the very convenient place of it’s application I have nearly lost a toe.——The parcel came & contained also a billet from Roody to my Valet—from which I infer that she is better in one sense & worse in another.—All the children here look shockingly—quite green—& Goose being as red as ever you have no idea what a piece of patchwork might be made of the family faces.—Has Hanson marched for N[ewstead]?—Goose is taking a quill from her wing to scribble to you so yrs. always most conjugally

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