August 29 1815: Southey Plans to Buy Some Clothes


On August 29 1815, Robert Southey writes to Henry Herbert Southey. Southey is planning a trip to Europ and needs to by some clothes.

My dear Harry – Dr Baillie & Sir Henry Halford are as much masters of their own time, as I am of mine at this season. It is one series of interruptions. – Eight & forty hours will be enough for me in town, in the way of business I shall have only to raise the supplies, & see my Uncle & Aunt with the ursine nobility of Streatham. You may call at my tailors for me (Hyde. 1. Warwick Street Golden Square) & order a black coat with some speckled grey pantaloons of such make & materials as your Lordship (in these things of approved judgement) may think most suitable: they may be made in readiness & sent to your house. I must shoe myself at the patent warehouse, – for I have found the nail-shoes answer admirably well. And as I shall travel to London in that hat which I dare Louisa I dare say has not forgotten, you will perhaps think it expedient that I should purchase a new one in town, & accompany me, thro some bye streets, to a shop where I may be fitted in the newest fashion.

Thus far & not a word of the day when I set off. The delay cannot inconvenience you so much as it vexes me, for fear it should inconvenience you at all. I hope to leave home this day week, which will bring & in that case to reach London on Friday. It is not unlikely that Henry Koster will accompany me to town, & join us at Ramsgate. He has been laid up here so long, that now when he is got fairly upon his legs again, he seems like one of the family, & if he gets leave to go we shall find him a useful person to place upon the staff.

Good night! I must lose no time in letter writing. You shall hear again from me when I write to Carlisle to secure my place in the mail. – Should we not do wisely if we hoy’d it to Margate, baggage & all together? If you should approve of the hint you will doubtless give the preference to the Evangelical hoy.
Love to Louisa –
God bless you

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