August 25 1815: Napoleon Seasick in Madeira

“August 25th. We had a continuance of the violent and disagreeable Siroc winds. The frigate and troopships, which had anchored in Funchal roads, did not rejoin me until about three o’clock, the strength of the wind having much embarrassed their procuring their water and other supplies; and when they did join us, it occupied us until dark, to remove the different things they brought out for those of the squadron, which had remained under way. We then made sail again to the southward.

The heat of this day, and the disagreeable wind, added to the motion of the ship, which was considerable, evidently affected General Buonaparte very much. He was on deck but little, either before or after dinner; he seemed to have lost his appetite, was in very low spirits, and retired early to his bed-room.

We were this day, at noon, about seven leagues south-west of Maderia.”

— Sir George Cockburn on the HMS Northumberland writes in his diary for August 25 1815.

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