August 20 1815: President Madison Reads the Edinburgh Review

On August 20 1815, James Madison writes to Richard Rush,

Dear Sir – I return the Ed: Review with my thanks for the opportunity of perusing the chapter on France, which has all the interest which you attach to it: notwithstanding the occurrences subsequent to its date. On casting an eye over the Chapter on corn laws, I was surprized to see so acute & learned a Critic puzzled in a case which appeared so plain & familiar. I have noted it in the margin of page 503: and with a pencil only that it may be removed before the return of the Vol. to the Owner.

Mr. Crawford left me this morning on his way to his family. Mr. Monroe has not returned from the Mineral Springs to which a visit was recommended by the tardy return of vigorous health.

I have this moment recd. in the Newspapers, the termination of the short & bloody struggle in France. The same comments probably occur to all of us. Affece. respects
James Madison

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