August 11 1815: Out of Wine!

“With the return of peace I return to my old correspondents. I am out of wine and it will be some months before I can recieve what I have written for to Europe. I must request you to fill up the chasm by sending me a quarter cask of either dry Sherry or dry Lisbon, whichever you have, most to be recommended. let it be in a double cask, and sent to Richmond by some vessel going to that place, addressed for me to Messrs Gibson & Jefferson of that place who will pay charges and forward it to me. when shipped be so good as to drop me a line of notice with information of the price, and it shall be promptly remitted, say within 90. days from the shipment. I avail myself with pleasure [on t]his occasion of renewing to you the assurance of my esteem and respect.”

—  Thomas Jefferson writes to Henry Sheaff, his wine merchant, on August 11 1815.

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