August 2 1815: Duchess of Richmond the Worst Duchess

Wednesday August 2nd 1815: Ditto. Dined with Edward Ellice  at Wyke. Lady Grey told me that Lady Elizabeth Whitbread wanting a garden chair, her footman, unknown to her, went to Sion House to borrow one, when the Duchess wrote this note: “The Duchess of Richmond presents her compliments to Lady Elizabeth Whitbread, is sorry [she cannot] send her the chair as the Duke uses it himself as their doors – she is sorry to hear Lady Elizabeth Whitbread is indisposed” – !!!! Well done, ducal feeling.  [ Lady Whibread’s husband Samuel Whitbread had killed himself on July 6 1815. This the Duchess of Richmond of the famous ball before Waterloo.]

Ellice told me that he had seen an officer in a frigate moored close to the Bellerophon who states that Napoleon has so won the hearts of those on board the Bellerophon that the officers of that ship will allow none of their brother officers in other vessels to abuse him. Hat Vaughan18 and Dennison dined with us. Came home late.

— John Cam Hobhouse writes in his diary for August 2 11815.

2 thoughts on “August 2 1815: Duchess of Richmond the Worst Duchess

  1. I’m sorry, I don’t have any of those above-named types of accounts with which to contact you. Your site is dazzling; I spend much time in the years you cherish. I want to use it to show to my students. I also want to cite you and and seek your permission to use the picture of Edmund Kean as Shylock that you have posted. I am curious about its provenance; it’s not the one in the NPG. I want to use it for an essay in a collection about to be published by Peter Lang in Europe on the exotic body in nineteenth-century theatre.

    I hope that this communication can become private once yo have read it; I just have no other way to contact you. Please let me know that this meets with your approval and, again, all kudos on your work.

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