July 28 1815: Byron and Napoleon

Friday July 28th 1815: Rode up to London again. Went with Byron to Garraway’s, where Newstead was brought in at 95,000 guineas the first lot. Thebona fide holding was 79,000 guineas – he is much annoyed. Rochdale – 16,000 guineas. Called on Lady Noel, who wants Byron to sell hugely.

Before I came out of London, heard the Gazette Officiel from France today contains what I dreaded, a list of proscribed – nineteen for their lives, others banished. Napoleon is to go to St Helena, and that island to be bought, by the King, of the East India Company. The ministerial papers are angry at the distinction paid to him, and because people stand with their hats off in his presence. His letter to the Prince Regent is very good. He still acts en Prince on board the Bellerophon at Plymouth – the curiosity to see him there is unabated – returned to Whitton.

 — John Cam Hobhouse writes in his diary about July 28 1815.

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