July 21 1815: Leaving Paris


Off at five in the morning. Went by Gaillon, Vaudreuil, [and] Port St Ouen to Rouen, a most beautiful drive, and arrived by a little past ten. The Seine most magnificent, the country luxurious. The quay at Rouen very fine. Breakfasted well and dear – at past eleven, left the town. Went up a hill and had a prospect of it beneath – it is one of the finest scenes I ever saw, hill, wood and meadow, the Seine widening as it runs. Rouen is put down at 87,000 habitants by Reichard. We have got out of the vine country and the country of Napoleon, for in Normandy, chiefly, white flags abound. The cannaille here, however, are said to be against the King – that is, the people. From Rouen we went, about eleven posts, by towns I recalled not, through Neufchatel, Folercarnot, Blangy, and Huppy, to Abbeville. From Blangy to Huppy we passed through the forest of ,[     ] belonging to the Orleans family in the county of Eu, which extends twelve leagues in length, and is a league in breadth. The fine road we travelled was made in the time of the revolution. At Huppy, a lone house, we were told that the gates at Abbeville were shut at half-past nine, and had some discourse thereupon – however, we whipt on, and arrived just as they were shutting. Put up at the Hotel d’Angleterre, which is much improved since last year. The Allies are not so far down as Abbeville. The joy here for the King’s return seems great – crowns of green boughs and lillies the order of the day – the country from Rouen to Abbeville most rich, but latterly not quite so picturesque in Picardy.

 — John Cam Hobhouse writes for July 21 1815.

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