July 18 1815: Lord Byron Admires A Poet


On July 18 1815, Lord Byron writes to an unknown poet.

My dear Sir, – A Volume of Poems of which I have the pleasure of congratulating you as the author, was yesterday put into my hands, by the Bookseller – the satisfaction I experienced from the perusal, made me anxious for the immediate acquaintance and society of the Gentleman, who has so kindly favoured the world with the production of his leisure hours. As the first efforts of an aspiring muse they merit the warmest approbation. The works of the most experienced in the art, are not however void of defect, and be you not therefore surprised, if the eye of greater experience, though not of superior genius, to yourself may have discovered some redundancies of style – some points capable of correction, in the Volume before us. 

I hope I shall not offend by offering my opinion, and soliciting your company to Breakfast, on Friday Morning next for that purpose. To be allowed to guide your poetic flight to fame and to usher to the world your future labours is the earnest wish of My dear sir, your faithful friend and warm admirer,

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