July 12 1815: A Battle of Flags Off Rochefort

On the 12th of July, the Cyrus being seen in the offing, I ordered her by telegraph to take a position close in with the Baleine light-house, and to examine strictly every vessel that might attempt to put to sea from the Pertuis de Breton, as Buonaparte was on the spot, endeavouring to escape to America.

The same evening, the white flag made its appearance for the first time on the towers of Rochelle; on seeing which, I felt it my duty to run into Basque Roads, accompanied by the Slaney; and having anchored, I hoisted the Bourbon colours at the main-top-gallant mast-head, and fired a royal salute. During the whole of this afternoon, however, two tri-coloured flags were kept flying in Rochelle; and before sunset all the white flags were struck, and every where replaced by those of Buonaparte.

— Captain Maitland of H.M.S. Bellerophon, in the Atlantic off of Rochefort, writes about July 12 1815.

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