June 3 1815: A Reader Writes


On June 3 1815, J.R., a reader, writes to Lord Byron with some specific criticisms.

Darlington, June 3, 1815.

MY LORD, “I have lately purchased a set of your works, and am quite vexed that you have not cancelled the Ode to Buonaparte. It certainly was prematurely written, without thought or reflection. Providence has now brought him to reign over millions again, while the same Providence keeps as it were in a garrison another potentate, who, in the language of Mr. Burke, ‘he hurled from his throne.’ See if you cannot make amends far your folly, and consider that, in almost every respect, human nature is the same, in every clime and in every period, and don’t act the part of a foolish boy. Let not Englishmen talk of the stretch of tyrants, while the torrents of blood shed in the East Indies cry aloud to Heaven for retaliation. Learn. good sir, not to cast the first stone. I remain your lordship’s servant,“J. R. * *

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