May 17 1815: A Deed Disgraceful Enough

“Wrote a little in the morning. Walked about, dined at Very’s, went in the evening, after doing a deed disgraceful enough, to Lady Kinnaird’s, where was a party as before, and supper. Moutron told the story of his treatment at Besançon – he took a letter from Fouché, couched in these words: “I beg to recommend to your notice, Monsieur Moutron, so-and-so …” Moutron wanted to be elected deputy. The prefect read the letter, and either wilfully or otherwise pretended he was a suspected person recommended to his notice, and instead of electing him sent him back, guarded, to Paris. Maubourg was agreeable as usual. A Monsieur de Bassan was enlightening us on the subject of England – it is astonishing how ignorant the French are on these topics.”

— John Cam Hobhouse writes in his diary for  May 17 1815.

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