May 13 1815: Rations for Men and Horse

On May 13 `8`5, Duke of Wellington in Brussels writes to his Commissary General Dunmore. He gives some orders as to the rations for men and horses

My DEAR Sir, ‘I beg you will take measures to feed the Brunswick troops to-morrow, and afterwards; you will learn from the Quarter Master General where they are; and I beg you will send somebody to their cantonments at Vilvorde in the morning at daylight.

‘Their ration for men must be two pounds of bread, half a pound of meat, and vegetables. The ration for their horses is ten pounds of hay, and one-eighth of a peck of oats.

Believe me, &c. WELLINGTON.

The vegetables should be, A quarter of a pound of grits, barley, or rice; or Half a pound of peas, beans, vetches, or oatmeal; or One pound of potatoes, or other vegetables.

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