May 12 1815: A Waiter Remembers

Friday May 12th 1815: Write journal from Tuesday – walk about and call
dine at the Rocher de Cançale, after buying a book of gourmand songs, sung
by a club that dines there every twentieth of the month – they seem good –
are chiefly written by actors who compose the club. One would think they
were determined drinkers, but the waiter told me that they sat but a little
time after dinner. They compose a journal called l’Épicurien français. The
waiter told me, after looking round to see of there were any listeners, that he
had served the campaigns in Spain, and was at the battle of Talavera and
fought against Wellington – “Wellesley et tous ses Messieurs”.
I sat in the evening with Dame Wallis.

. —  John Cam Hobhouse writes in his dary for May 12 1815. #centjours

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