May 4 1815: A Reader’s List

On May 4 1815, Melesina Trench writes to Mrs. Leadbeater,

So I said in February last that I had not leisure for many works of fiction. Alas, poor human nature! since that time I have read Waverley, Tlie Queen’s Wake, The Curse of Kehama, Tlie Lord of the Isles, and skimmed over Guy Mannering, Discipline, and Charlemagne. The Lord of the Isles is a charming poem, as a full-length portrait of Bruce, whose dignity and sweetness are admirably portrayed; but the misses and masters of this work are too uninteresting. The Curse of Kehama is full of exquisite beauties, and I know nothing in the whole range of imaginative descriptive poetry that impresses me so much as the City under water. I was also charmed to meet my dear nursery friends, the Glumms and Gawries, who had so delighted me in Peter Wilkins.

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