May 2 1815: Buonaparte’s Intention to Attack

On May 2 1815, Duke of Wellington writes to Viscount Castlereagh, from Brussels. .

‘My DEAR LORD, ‘You will have seen Lord Clancarty’s and your brother’s dispatches from Vienna, from the 20th to the 22nd, and in what way things stand there in respect to military force, and plans, and period of operation. In the mean time we hear here of Buonaparte’s intention to attack the Allies.

I have agreed to a treaty with the Sardinian Minister, of which I enclose a draught, which I will sign this evening, and I shall agree to-morrow to one of the same purport with the Minister of the King of Wurtemberg, and shall go on with the others in proportion as they shall come in.

‘Sir C. Stuart will have reported to you what passed between M. de Nagel and me regarding the payment of the Hanoverian subsidy. He pretends that the King was bound to pay that subsidy only so long as the Provisional Government should last, and the King should have no troops of his own. At all events, he cannot continue to pay a subsidy of any amount to the Hanoverians without calling upon us for pecuniary assistance; and, as it is best for all parties that the King should not be subsidised by us, we shall have to take the whole expense of the Hanoverian subsidy upon ourselves, the King binding himself to feed those troops who shall do duty in his country.

Sir C. Stuart will likewise have detailed what passed in conversation with Monsieur respecting arms required in the western departments of France and in the country south of the Garonne. He also asked for a small supply of money in order to keep on foot the force of Swiss troops which had been in the service of the King of France, and had returned to Switzerland. It is most desirable that the King should have any thing in the shape of an army; but I did not feel myself authorised to give the subsidy money for such a purpose.
‘Monsieur has this day spoken to me respecting the expediency of landing the Portuguese at Bordeaux, which plan I am certain would not answer.

Believe me, &c. ‘Viscount Castlereagk, K.G. ‘ ‘Wellington.

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