April 29 1815: Lady Byron is Pregnant

On April 29 1815, Augusta Leigh is vising Lord Byron, her half brother, and his wife Lady Byron at 13 Piccadilly Terrace in London. She writes a letter to Byron’s friend the Reverend Francis Hodgson that is actually dictated by Byron. We learn from the letter that Lady Byron “is in the Family way” or pregnant.  

Saturday evening, April 29.

Dear Mr. Hodgson,—I am desired by B. to write you a few lines of recommendation for your new pupil to convey to you. I cannot make out  exactly what I am to say except that Mr. H. was desirous B. should write to recommend him to you, and that he is as usual lazy, and wishes me to tell you he would have written, but that Lady B. has been unwell, and her uncle died last week. I am sure you will be glad to hear that I think her better, and that B. is very well. Now for the pupil. To the best of B.’s knowledge and belief he is excessively clever, but rather behind-hand from a long vacation of fourteen months. He is to be brought up to the Bar, and nobody can bring him there so soon as you, B. says.
Yours very sincerely,
Augusta Leigh.

I am allowed to add a P.S. to excuse myself for writing such a stupid letter, it being B.’s dictation. One word of common-sense. B. desires me to add Lady B. – is in the Family way –,  and that Lord Wentworth has left all to her mother, and then to Lady B. and children; but B. is, he says, a ‘very miserable dog’ for all that!

(The image above is from here.)

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