April 19 1815: Imperial Paris

“Up late, as usual. Did nothing but lounge about and make calls – buy pamphlets – the constitution, as expected, will be published tomorrow – the tenth since the overthrow of the old monarchy.

….quickly and entirely they had taken down all royal signs – everything is Imperial: Coffee-house du Roi de Rome, Tailors to their Imperial Majesties, Bibliothèque Impériale, Pictures of the Imperial family. Walking into a shop, I saw all those of Monsieur and the royal family turned with their faces to the wall. The caricatures against the King and emigrants increase daily, and against the English – the great joke is to laugh at the voltigeurs royales, dressed in uniforms of Louis XIV, which arose from two military wags who came into a coffee-house in the King’s time so dressed, and congratulated each other on the good old times coming back again – they were put under arrest for eight days, but the joke lasted.”

— John Cam Hobhouse, in Paris, writes in his diary for April 19 1815. #centjours

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