April 14 1815: Wellington Staff Complaints

“I have had the honor of receiving your Royal Highness’s letter of the 8th instant, regarding Colonel . I have already informed Colonel that it was not in my power to employ him upon the Staff.

The army is very small and the Staff very numerous, and I cannot find employment for those already belonging to it. I am sorry, therefore, that he should have given your Royal Highness the trouble of writing to me on a subject on which he knows that if I could have gratified him I would have done so, without the aid of your Royal Highness’s powerful influence.”

— Duke of Wellington writes to His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, April 14 1815.

“I am very much distressed about the numerous Staff we have got here. I have begun by turning off all the subaltern officers employed as Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master Generals, contrary to regulation; and I propose to strike off all the Barrack Masters, Commandants of towns, &c., excepting where we have hospitals. But we have still a good many upon the Staff, whom I must remove to make room for those more capable of doing the duty.

Before you send any more General Officers to command divisions, I beg you to recollect that General Dccken is come here from Hanover, and he is senior to some already commanding divisions of the British army.”

— Duke of Wellington writes to Major General Sir Henri Torrens, Brussels April 14 1815.

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