March 15 1815: King is Safe According to Adams

On March 15 1815, John Quincy Adams is in Paris. He is waiting for his next diplomatic post, and writes in his diary.

15th. Evening at the Theatre Feydeau. Saw L’Opera Comique “Le Calife de Bagdad” and “Maison a vendre.” The house almost empty. The contrast between the crowds at every theatre when I arrived here, and the deserted walls since the middle of last week, is remarkable. Some of my neighbors in the parterre this evening took notice of it, and I heard a discussion between two of them, whether it was occasioned by the state of public affairs or not. The public spirit in Paris now is confident and sanguine. It does not appear that Napoleon has advanced from Lyons. He is undoubtedly there, very weak; and formidable forces are marching from all quarters against him. It is ascertained that a part of the troops, as well as of the highest officers, are faithful to the King, and Napoleon’s soldiers will probably desert him in the end. There is but one sentiment to be heard in Paris. After the performance of the Calife this evening, one of the actors came forward and sang some couplets of encouragement and praise to the volunteers. The words and music were indifferent, but there was the “Lys,” and the “Bourbons,” and “Henri Quatre,” and “Ventre saint-gris” in every couplet, and they were received with rapturous applause and loud cries of “Vive le Roi!” On returning home, I found a letter from my wife, dated at Berlin, the 5th instant. She expected to be here in ten or fifteen days from that time.

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