January 7 1815: The Honeymoon


On January 7 1815, Lord Byron writes to Lady Melbourne, from Halnaby, Yorkshire, on his honeymoon.

Dearest Aunt – Bell. sent you a few lines yesterday as an accompaniment to an answer of mine to an epistle of Caro’s about her present – which of course she will be very glad to receive – I wonder C. should think it necessary to make such a preface – we are very well disposed towards her – and can’t see why there should not be a peace with her as well as with America.
– – – – –
About this and every thing else I will do as you like – if you prefer that we should quarrel with that branch of the cousinhood – I shall have no objection – but I suppose George & Lord Cowper and I and our female appendages are not to be involved in the like bickering any more now than heretofore. – –

Bell & I go on extremely well so far without any other company than our own selves as yet – I got a wife and a cold on the same day – but have got rid of the last pretty speedily – I don’t dislike this place – it is just the spot for a Moon – there is my only want a library – and thus I can always amuse myself – even if alone – I have great hopes this match will turn out well – I have found nothing as yet that I could wish changed for the better – but Time does wonders – so I won’t be too hasty in my happiness. – –

I will tell you all about the ceremony when we meet, – it went off very pleasantly – all but the cushions – which were stuffed with Peach=stones I believe – and made me make a face that passed for piety. – –

My love to all my relatives – by the way what do they mean to give me? I will compromise provided they let me choose what I will have instead of their presents – nothing but what they could very well spare.
ever Aunt thine dutifully
P.S. – Lady Byron sends her love – but has not seen this epistle – recollect – we are to keep our secrets – & correspondence as heretofore – mind that. – –

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