January 6 1815: Congratulate Away

On January 6 1815, Lord Byron writes to his publisher John Murray.

Kirkby, January 6, 1815.

The marriage took place on the 2d instant : so pray make haste and congratulate away.

Thanks for the Edinburgh Review and the abolition of the print. Let the next be from the other of Phillips-l mean (not the Albanian, but) the original one in the exhibition; the last was from the copy. I should wish my sister and Lady Byron to decide upon the next, as they found fault with the last. I have no opinion of my own upon the subject.

Mr. Kinnaird will, I dare say, have the goodness to furnish copies of the Melodies,* if you state my wish upon the subject. You may have them, if you-think them worth inserting. The volumes in their collected state must be inscribed to Mr. Hobhouse, but I have not yet mustered the expressions of my inscription; but will supply them in time.

With many thanks for your goodwishes, which have all been realised, I remain, very truly‘, yours, BYRON.

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