December 31 1814: Shook Hands for a New Year

Saturday December 31st 1814:29 I walked on the seashore, which is close to the mansion house of Seaham – the sight of the waters had an indescribable effect upon me – it was a fine sunshiney day. I had some private talk with Hoare and Miss Milbanke on Lord Byron’s affairs, and I began to entertain doubts of Hanson’s probity. The young woman is most attractive – we had a dinner, at six, and jollified a little upon the signing of the settlements, which was done in the morning. I put my name to a deed which is to provide for the younger children of the marriage – my coadjutator is Sir Thomas Liddell.

I talked and talked in the evening, which concluded jollily with a mock marriage, I being Lady Byron, Noel parsonifying, and Hoare giving me away. Shook hands for a new year.

— John Cam Hobhouse writes in his diary for December 31 1814.

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