December 16 1814: Martial Law in New Orleans

On December 16 1814, Major General Jackson, at New Orleans, proclaims martial law:

Major General Andrew Jackson, commanding the seventh United States military district, declares the city and environs of New Orleans under strict martial law, and orders that in future the following rules be rigidly enforced, viz: Every individual entering the city will report to the adjutant general’s office, and, on failure, to be arrested and held for examination. No person shall be permitted to leave the city without a permission in writing, signed by the General or one of his staff. No vessels, boats, or other craft will be permitted to leave New Orleans or Bayou St. John without a passport in writing from the General or one of his staff, or the commander of the naval forces of the United States on this station. The street lamps shall be extinguished at the hour of nine at night, after which time persons of every description found in the streets, or not at their respectives homes, without permission in writing as aforesaid, and not having the countersign, shall be apprehended as spies and held for examination

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