November 28 1814: Jane Austen

On November 28 1814, Jane Austen writes to her niece Anna LeFroy.

Hans Place (Nov. 28, 1814).

MY DEAR ANNA, I assure you we all came away very much pleased with our visit. We talked of you for about a mile and a half with great satisfaction; and I have been just sending a very good report of you to Miss Beckford, with a full account of your dress for Susan and Maria.

We were all at the play last night to see Miss O’Neil in “Isabella.” I do not think she was quite equal to my expectations. I fancy I want something more than can be. I took two pocket-handkerchiefs, but had very little occasion for either. She is an elegant creature, however, and hugs Mr. Young delightfully. I am going this morning to see the girls in Keppel Street. Cassy was excessively interested about your marriage when she heard of it, which was not until she was to drink your health on the wedding day.

She asked a thousand questions in her usual manner, what he said to you and what you said to him. If your uncle were at home he would send his best love, but I will not impose any base fictitious remembrances on you, mine I can honestly give, and remain

Your affectionate Aunt,


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