November 20 1814: Her Absence


byron and hobhouse

On November 20 1814, Lord Byorn answers Annabella Milbanke, from Six Mile Bottom, his half sister’s home.

Dearest A———My arrival at the other A’s occurred yesterday at odds with the post-time so that I had not a moment to write to you.—Your two letters have been received with those to Augusta—who tells me that she has answered them.——As I am anxious to meet Hanson & hear further of our arrangements I shall not remain here beyond tomorrow; if Mr. Hoar has finished his part of the papers &c. I will take care that all the subsequent part is got over as soon as possible.——

Do not tax yourself to write more frequently or at length than is perfectly agreeable—but address your next to Albany— where I hope to meet it.—How do you go on? is your health better?—and your spirits? I trust that your prescription for the reestablishment of the last has not failed in it’s effect——Augusta & hers are all ingood plight—I am trying to arrange so that she should meet us somewhere —soon after—or before our next interview.—————My popularity with “Hoar[”] is a very unexpected pleasure—but I suppose it is a return in kind for the impression you made upon Hanson—I can assure you that any kind feeling on the part of our papa and mamma is most sincerely reciprocal.—To yourself Dearest if I were to write forever I could only come to one conclusion which I may as well make now & that is that I ever am most entirely & unalterably your attached B

P.S.—I don’t ask you to consider this as a letter—but merely a memorandum that I am thinking of you now—& loving you ever—my wife.—A sends her hundred loves & regrets very much her absence
from S.———

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