November 16 1814: Wellington Leaving Paris

On November 16 1814, Duke of Wellington writes to Lord Liverpool.

Paris, November 16, 1814.

My dear Lord—I received this morning your letter of the 13th, and will make immediate arrangements for quitting Paris. These will take some days, and I shall not announce to the King, or of course to anybody else, my intention, till I shall be quite prepared to put it into execution. I shall be obliged to you, therefore, if you will say nothing upon the subject till you will learn farther from me.

No man is a judge in his own case. But I confess that I don’t see the necessity for being in a hurry to remove me from hence, There is nothing new of any description. They have news here from Vienna to the 7th. I have not seen M. de Blacas, but M. de J aucourt told me yesterday that he understood that the Emperor of Russia was willing to restrict himself in Poland to the line of the Vistula, and that the King of Prussia was disposed to depart from his pretensions in Saxony.

The King and the royal family have been this night at the Comedie Frangaise, and were remarkably well received.

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