November 14 1814: Mary is Unwell

Journal, November 14 (Shelley). –  Mary is unwell. Receive a note from Hogg; cloth from Clara. I wish this girl had a resolute mind. Without firmness understanding is impotent, and the truest principles unintelligible. Charles calls to confer concerning Lambert; walk with him. Go to ‘Change, to Peacock’s, to Lambert’s; receive £30. In the evening Hogg calls; perhaps he still may be my friend, in spite of the radical differences of sympathy between us; he was pleased with Mary; this was the test by which I had previously determined to judge his character. We converse on many interesting subjects, and Mary’s illness disappears for a time.

— Percy Shelley, November 14 1814.

The above painting  “Mary Shelley” (2007)  is by the New Zealand artist Sarah Dolby.

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